PE Syndication is complex, long drawn out, frequently over months, and involves multiple stages of deal management such as brainstorming with the management about the most appropriate positioning, managing multiple investors with varied offers, effectively coordinating with service providers for the diligence process and advising stakeholders on the negotiations. We have the industry knowledge and the capabilities to advice on all aspects of private equity transactions i.e., deal origination, planning, structuring & execution.

FE Capital professionals have experience in helping you to identify transactional opportunities, locate potential buyers and sellers, and help the parties forge mutual agreement at the negotiating table. FE Capital seeks to help the client to close the transaction with mutually accepted optimal valuation, strategies and terms so as to make it a win-win for all the concerned parties.

Business planning report: We also assist the clients for making the Annual Business Planning Report with the Internal Business assessment. These services are rendered to our SME client who does not have good internal team for Long term business planning.